Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Words by: Maggi Pancho
Photos by: Seth Valenzuela for Manila Concert Scene

Despite the heavy rains last Friday, PH Wannables braved their way to Smart Araneta Coliseum to finally meet in person South Korea’s hottest boy group today, Wanna One.

Wanna One is the winning group that was formed from the second season of the popular Korean TV show, Produce 101. It is composed of eleven talented and good-looking boys namely Yoon Jisung (27), Ha Seongwoon (24), Hwang Minhyun (23), Ong Sungwoo (23), Kim Jaehwan (22), Kang Daniel (22), Park Jihoon (19), Park Woojin (19), Bae Jinyoung (18), Lee Daehwi (17) and Lai Guanlin (17).

Wanna One’s First Fan Meeting in Manila is the group’s 5th stop in the series of their fan meeting tour after Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong and Lai Guanlin’s hometown, Taiwan.
The fan meet started with the group’s explosive performances of Never (Wanna One version) and the title track from their first mini album, “1 x 1 = 1 To Be One”, Energetic.

The night’s emcee, Chee Tirona, better known as Macho Palito of iFM, then welcomed the boys to Manila. Wanna One first introduced themselves with their signature group greeting, “All I wanna do (is), Wanna One! Annyeong haseyo, Wanna One ibnida (Hello, we are Wanna One)!”

They surprised their fans when the group’s leader and oldest member, Jisung, greeted everyone in Filipino with “Kumusta kayo? Ako po ay si Yoon Jisung! (How are you? I am Yoon Jisung!)”.  Ong Sungwoo continued saying, “Masaya po akong makilala kayo! (I’m glad to meet you!)” which drew cheers from the crowd.

Park Woojin’s line was “Na-miss nyo ba kami? Na-miss ko din kayo! (Did you miss us? I missed you, too!)”. Lai Guanlin had some difficulty pronouncing the words, “Masaya po ba kayo? (Are you happy?)” but the fans cheered him on just the same.

The way Park Jihoon said “Ako po si Park Jihoon! Hindi ako mapakali kasi excited ako. (I am Park Jihoon! I can’t control myself because I’m excited.)” was so natural that he seemed to speak the language fluently. 

Daniel’s was “Ako po si Daniel. Salamat po. (I am Daniel. Thank you.)”, while Daehwi’s “Ang ganda ng ngiti niyo! (You’ve got beautiful smiles!)” made the crowd cheer all the more.

On the other hand, Jinyoung greeted Wannables in English with ‘Nice to meet you!’ after saying “Ako po si Bae Jinyoung. (I am Bae Jinyoung.)”and Sungwoon introduced himself in Filipino, so naturally as well with “Ako po si Ha Sungwoon. (I am Ha Sungwoon.)” Jaehwan and Minhyun said their greetings next and told PH Wannables “Ang gaganda niyo. (You look beautiful.)” and “Mahal ko kayong lahat! (I love you all!)”

The next part was called Wanna One Time, a segment to get to know the boys more. The first group that was called included Jisung, Minhyun and Jaehwan with the title “A rebellion of vocals has begun!”

The three are known to be the vocal line of the group but they were confident that they won’t also lose when it comes to dancing. With that, they danced perfectly to the steps of Energetic, but also continued showing off their freestyle dancing. Their dance included cute random movements with Jaehwan ending their part by doing his own version of the moonwalk.

Next had the title “An anime character disguised as Wanna One!” and called out Jihoon, Jinyoung, and Guanlin, three of Wanna One’s most handsome faces. They showed photos of them being compared to anime characters because they seem to have jumped out straight of an anime or a manhwa (comic).

To fully appreciate their beauty, they were asked to portray different looks that an anime character would do such as a melancholic glare, a mischievous look and a surprised look. The highlight, however, was when the three dressed up as princes from a romantic anime. Complete with capes and crowns, each one showed their charming look to their Wannable princesses: Guanlin with his lightstick, Jinyoung with his wand and Jihoon with his rose. Jihoon, dubbed by the emcee as “prince charming”, even knelt down on one knee while he offered up his rose to the fans.

Next, Sungwoo, Daniel, and Daehwi were called under the title “Unknowingly ‘rich’ from head to toe”. The title fits the three since they seem to express themselves through facial expressions and gestures, the best. To confirm this, they were asked to show how to express the following situations: when they get to eat delicious food, when Wannables are so lovely, and when an item mistakenly falls on their foot. They easily expressed themselves and Sungwoo even fell to the floor to express how “hurt” his foot was.

Moving on, another set of members were called out: this time, Sungwoon, Jihoon and Woojin. Even without the title, fans knew it will be about the Pink Sausages. The Pink Sausages group is an unofficial sub-group with the 2 Parks as members: Park Jihoon and Park Woojin (who incidentally are of the same age). They were dubbed as the Pink Sausages because of a clip from their TV show, Wanna One Go, wherein they were both wearing their pink-colored practice sweats and were shown having fun playing together and doing random dance moves.

Sungwoon has expressed before that he would like to join the group and the two asked him to become a trainee first before being accepted. With this, an actual audition was decided to be held during the fan meet, in front of PH Wannables!

The audition had two rounds: round 1 was to test Sungwoon’s stamina while round 2 was to test his dance skills. Round 1 was a hand-wrestling game between Sungwoon and Jihoon to see who will lose his balance first and fall down. As the two played, both were about to fall on their backs but Sungwoon grabbed on to Jihoon. Whether to stop Jihoon from falling or to stop himself from falling was debatable, but in the end Woojin declared Sungwoon disqualified because of what happened. However, Wannables continued to cheer on Sungwoon for round 2.  In round 2, the Pink Sausages were to show their dancing skills and Sungwoon has to prove to at least have the same skill level as them. Jihoon and Woojin did popping dance consecutively that earned loud cheers from the fans; and when it was Sungwoon’s turn, he didn’t disappoint either.After further discussion, the Pink Sausages decided that for round 1, since Sungwoon was better than Jihoon, he failed. For round 2, Sungwoon had to be at least on the same skill level as them but he again did better than the two. The final verdict was, even if Sungwoon can’t join the Pink Sausages at that time, Woojin asked Wannables to continue supporting and cheering on Sungwoon. They ended their corner by doing the signature Pink Sausages dance. After Wanna One Time, they performed Wanna Be, their song that incorporates different characteristics the boys are known for, just like Sungwoo’s slating, Jisung’s clap, Jihoon’s ‘jeojang’, Guanlin’s basketball moves and Minhyun’s hip dance. 

The performance was followed by a video showing the boys preparing for the fan meet and practicing their choreography. Each one also gave his message and expressed how excited they were to meet their fans from all over Asia!

Next was their performance of Naya Na (It’s me) - Pick Me, the theme of Produce 101 Season 2, the reality idol survival show that they took part in. Physical Education class came on next wherein they were called in pairs to do a mission. Should they clear the mission, autographed posters will be raffled off to lucky Wannables. The first pair called was Sungwoon and Minhyun who were given the mission to do couple jump rope for five times and do it in a cute and precious way. The pair was able to clear the mission and Minhyun was so happy that he lifted Sungwoon up the ground as he hugged him. Next pair was Jihoon and Guanlin who needed to pop 3 balloons in a manly manner. The two tried several ways of popping them including trying to squeeze it by hugging each other, popping it with bare hands, and stomping on them but nothing worked. In the end, they popped the balloons by pricking the balloons with their name tag’s pins. Second mission, cleared.

Jisung and Daehwi was the next pair chosen and were asked to clear the mission: shake off post-it notes in a sexy and classy way. The other members were the one to stick the post-its on the two and on each other as well (even if they’re not part of the mission). Daehwi was able to clear the mission first and helped Jisung take off all the post-its by blowing on them. In the end, the two sexily and successfully cleared their mission. OngNiel as they are fondly called (originated from their team name ‘OngNiel (pair) is Science’ from their TV show, Wanna One Go), Daniel and Sungwoo came on next. Their mission was to do a parody of a scene from the hit TV series, Dokkaebi (Goblin) wherein the characters of Gong Yoo and Lee Dongwook were coolly walking side by side, carrying spring onions. Sungwoo was actually given spring onions to carry while Daniel, a mini sword. OngNiel cleared the mission as they walked as sexy and cool as they can, as if they were walking down the runway. Voted as #2 and #1 visuals (handsome faces) of Produce 101 Season 2, Jinyoung and Jihoon were called on next. The mission: eat noodles as sweet and cute as they can. Jihoon ate some of the noodles and looked at the camera with a cute and innocent expression while Jinyoung finished the whole bowl and placed it on top of his head while making a V sign. Indeed, as the emcee said, the best way to eat noodles is to eat noodles with Wanna One!

The next mission was for Jaehwan and Woojin to play the toy hammer game, excitingly. For this game, they have to play paper-rock-scissors and whoever loses should place the pot on his head to avoid getting hit by the toy hammer. They played 3 rounds wherein Jaehwan seemed to have won.
Jaehwan suggested though if they can play again, this time in a faster way, to make it more exciting. It was indeed fun seeing them play very fast that Jaehwan put the toy hammer on his instead of the pot and also tried to hit Woojin with the pot instead of the toy hammer. The mission was cleared, but the best part was they made Wannables laugh heartily.

Guanlin and Sungwoon were paired off next and had to hulahoop 10 times, in a sexy way. Everybody cheered when the two, especially Sungwoon, did a great job showing how sexy hula-hooping should be.

The last mission was for all Wanna One members wherein they had to do group jump rope for 5 times. Jisung was worried they wouldn’t be able to do it so he asked if they can practice for one round. At the same time, number of jumps was reduced to just three times so they can clear the mission more easily. After fans cheered “Wanna One! Wanna One!”, the boys successfully accomplished the mission and did a group hug in celebration. While everyone was still happy with the boys’ successful group jump rope, a fan-made video was shown as a gift of PH Wannables to Wanna One. The video included clips from when they were still trainees during Produce 101 including their very first self-introduction, and their hard work during practices. Clips of crying Wanna One members during the time when they received messages of encouragement from their family members were also included of the video. The last part showed their debut concert, as well as them winning awards in various music shows for their song, Energetic.

The surprise from PH Wannables didn’t end there, as a personalized cake was rolled in towards the stage, eliciting excited reaction from the boys. A selfie photo was also taken by Wanna One with        PH Wannables at the background to commemorate the happy moment.

Final messages from the boys came after, starting off with Guanlin. He said that with the fan-made video they just saw, it seemed like everything was just yesterday and with that thought in mind, he promised to continue being enthusiastic and continue working hard. Sungwoo and Jihoon both said they were happy to be in the fan meet, meeting lovely, beautiful fans, and that they love everyone. Jihoon also made a heart gesture for the fans. Daehwi said his message in English saying that he has heard a lot about Manila from his Filipino friends and thinks that the Philippines is a beautiful country. He also said PH Wannables are great and that they need not be sad since they will be back very soon.  On the other hand, Daniel said ‘I love you’ while the fans cheered for him, and said he was also thankful to everyone as he made a heart gesture as well.

Jinyoung said that he was very happy and wished that that happiness will last forever and said ‘Thank you!’ in English. Woojin said that PH Wannables’ cheers was so amazing and that he is thankful and that he loves everyone.

Sungwoon, Jaehwan and Minhyun said that it was nice and fun meeting PH Wannables, while Jisung added that he was really happy to meet such nice people. Everyone assured PH Wannables that they would definitely be back very soon.

After the final messages, Wanna One performed three more of their songs, Hands On Me, their other title track, Burn It Up and Wanna One’s version of Always.

The fan meet was indeed a venue to show PH Wannables how much Wanna One appreciate having lovely fans like them. At the same time, PH Wannables were able to show Wanna One how much they are treasured and loved.

Wanna One, mahal namin kayo. PH Wannables shall be waiting at this same place for you, so do come back soon!

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