Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's the confession to end all confessions!" Dashboard Confessional Live In Manila

Written by: Jamie Ortega
8:22 PM

Dashboard Confessional held a concert last May 27, 2010 at the Concert Grounds of the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. Fans and future fans alike were beholden by the band’s edgy indie rock sound.

The show started at 7:30pm as the front act Franco hit the stage. The band performed 5 songs. After an hour the lights went out and pandemonium ensued. People flocked from all corners of the mall to catch a glimpse of Dashboard Confessional. As expected, the band sang 17 songs from their past and present albums including “Don’t Wait,” from their “Dusk and Summer” album which was the first song of the evening as well as “Belle Of The Boulevard” from their present album “Alter The Evening”. The band composed of frontman Chris Carraba, bassist Scott Shoenbeck, lead guitarist John Lefler and drummer Mike Marsh were bursting with energy on stage. Dashboard Confessional also covered the song “El Scorcho’ from the band Weezer.

The band was definitely happy to be in Manila and showed no signs of dwindling energy. After their 15th song Chris Carrabba shouted, “Thank you very much for being here Manila!” then launched into their hit song “Stolen”, this was the final song of the evening. After much prodding from the audience Dashboard Confessional went back on stage and sang their encore, “Hands Down”. Manila Concert Scene must confess, we love Dashboard Confessional and hope that they come back for a major concert soon. What’s your confession?

Spotted in the audience were familiar faces from the Pinoy music scene like Champ Lui-Pio from Hale, Rye Sarmienta of 6cyclemind and Yael Yuzon of Spongecola. Big thanks to MMI for their help! Till the next concert guys!


-Don’t Wait
-Good Fight
-Saints and Sailors
-The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
-Carry This Picture
-Everybody Learns From The Disaster
-Belle of the Boulevard
-They cover Weezer’s song: El Scorcho
-Screaming Indefelities
-The Swiss Army Romance
-As Lovers Go
-Rooftops and Invitation
-Remember to Breathe
-Get Me Right
-[ENCORE] Hand’s Down

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The MASSIVE Music Festival hits Manila

Written by: Jamie Ortega
Photos by: Azrael Colladilla

The Divan Media group has just made history. The longest and largest concert ever to hit musical shores, the Then And Now Massive Music Festival, was a resounding success. Lasting from 9pm to 2 am the 10,000 ++ strong audience reminisced, grooved, and sang along to the hits of 9 musical artists; PM Dawn, Baby Bash, SWV, All 4 One, Diana King, Frankie J, TQ, Jojo and V Factory. This event has proven that great music no matter what the era will never get out of style. And naturally, Manila Concert Scene had the best seat in the house, an all-access pass to all the backstage action. From all of us at Manila Concert Scene we would like to give a huge kudos to the Divan Media Group and all their sponsors for making this historical event a euphoric success. Concert-goers who were there first-hand to witness all the revelry are clamoring for a part 2 of the festival.If it will happen, you can be sure Manila Concert Scene will be there to keep you guys updated, so keep on visiting Manila Concert Scene for all the news and tidbits you wont get anywhere else!

Picture captions:

Myrus Apacible:

Front act Myrus Apacible sang his own acoustic version of the Westlife hit “My Love”, Jason Mraz’s “Im Yours” and Southborder’s “Kahit Kailan”

After his performance Myrus stayed till the end of the concert, having pictures taken with the other artists who performed.


MYX Vj’s Janine and Nel Gomez were the hosts. VJ Janine shared that she was excited to hear SWV’s Weak, and Nel revealed he was a fan of Frankie J and Baby Bash. Nel even beatboxed Baby Bash’s Suga Suga.

V Factory:

The boyband V Factory was the first international act to perform. Before every performance the group makes it a point to pray together. They first sang the ballad “Fade Away” then each member introduced themselves. Asher Book forgot to give Jared his turn in which Jared kidded, “Okay, I’m no longer in the group”.

Backstage Nathaniel Flatt shared that he once danced at a show for Regine Velasquez in LA, and is in awe of the Filipina diva’s singing voice. Jared Murillo revealed that after playing a Wildcat in Highschool Musical the ballroom dancing champ has become good friends with the Highschool Musical stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. When it came to his present status with ex-girlfriend Ashley Tisdale, however, he was mum on the matter.

TQ: The rapper sang his brand new single “Electronic” from his latest album Kind Of Blue for the very first time at the concert. Copies of “Kind Of Blue” were sold at the concert. In between songs the rapper took of his t-shirt and threw it into the audience.

PM Dawn: Doc G of the group PM Dawn went into the audience and gave red roses while singing the group’s hits “Patient’s Eyes” and “Set Adrift A Memory Bliss”. He wore the iconic Pinoy three stars and a sun t-hsirt making someone in the audience yell, “I love your t-shirt”. He dedicated his last song to the late Filipino rapper Francis M.

Diana King- she performed her hit songs among them “Say A Little Prayer”, and “Shy Guy’ barefoot. Diana who is originally from Jamaica commented that because of the heat she felt right at home in the Philippines.

Frankie J –The r and b singer sang his newest song Crush for the very first time at the concert. When he sang Obsession No Es Amor Baby Bash came out.

Baby Bash- the singer sang his hits Cyclone with two back-up dancers. He was chanting “Pinoy Power Philippines Power” and revealed onstage that he loves pork sinigang

Jojo: The teen r and b singer sang her hits “Do You Know How To Touch A Girl”, “The Way You Love Me” and “Too Little Too Late” . She dedicated “Too Little Too Late” to all the girls who got their heart broken. She also sang “Safe With Me” and “Play This Twice”. Jojo was estatic to be back, “ Manila you guys are so cool. 6 weeks ago I was here with JT and Timberland and I was like man, I hope to be back. I hope to come back again to promote my album”.

ALL-4-One- They sang their hits “So In Love” and “I Swear”. The group dedicated “I Swear” to everyone who has gotten married to this song”.

SWV- the last act to come on stage was Sisters With Voices. They dedicated their hit song “Weak” to Manila and shared that they wished Manila had invited them to perform a long time ago but were happy to be here.

More picture coverage about the event from our photographers:
-Azrael Coladilla:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Massive Press Conference for the Massive Music Festival 2010

Written by: Jamie Ortega
Photos by: Kevin Pableo
5/15/10 10:35 PM

The earthquake has finally struck Manila! Earthquake of epic musical proportions, that is. The artists of the Then And Now Massive Music Festival presented themselves to the press last May 14, 2010 at the Sulu room of the Sofitel Hotel and Manila Concert Scene was there to get in on all the thunderous action! A lot of the artists were also able to sing quick samples of their beloved hit songs, turning the press conference into a free and absolutely fun mini-concert.

Pinoy fans will be surprised to find out that majority of the Then And Now artists have Filipino connections! First up was TQ, the singer of the hit Westside who joked that his girlfriend Elena, who was a Filipina, pretended to cook adobo but he found out it was Elena’s mom who cooked the dish. TQ, the singer of the huge hit “Westside”, also revealed that he remade the Michael Jackson song Dirty Diana and included it in the limited edition version of his album Kind Of Blue.

The diva triplet Sisters With Voices raved about the spa treatment they got at Sofitel and belted out a portion of their hit song “Weak,” while members of the press gamely sang along. PM Dawn brothers Altrel Cordes and Jarret Cordes also rendered a part of their hit tunes “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss and “Patient’s Eyes”.

RnB singer Frankie J revealed that he was a big Manny Pacquiao fan and has tried to meet the boxing icon every time the Pacman is in the United States but unfortunately to no avail. He even gave a heartfelt TV message in hopes of meeting the Pacman once and for all! Frankie J also talked about his family and how they inspire his music, like in his decision to remake the Jonas Brother’s song “When You Look Me in the Eyes” which was inspired by his son who is a devout Jobros fan! Frankie J instantly made hearts melt in the room when he sang parts of his hit songs “Obsession and Don’t Wanna Try”. The dimples and sweet smiles he gave to the press didn’t hurt, either.

All-4-One, the group responsible for the hit song “I Swear” reminisced about their last visit to Manila more than 10 years ago. They commented that they found the Filipino press very shy and courteous and shared that their friendship was the reason the group has been in intact for more than 20 years.

V Factory, the cutie boyband composed of Asher Book of last year’s Fame remake, Jared Murillo of Highschool Musical 1 and 2, Nathaniel Flatt and Nicky Teti enthused that they were honored to be part of the “Now” of the Then And Now music festival and singing with such icons, people that they grew up listening to, has been an absolute treat for them. Nicky revealed that he has a lot of Filipino friends back home and has even tried eating the Pinoy delicacy balut! The band believes that they are different from the oh- so- many boygroups out there because they try out a lot of different things, Wesley who couldn’t go with the group to Manila is currently taping for the tv series Glee, Asher is part of the cast of the NBC TV show Parenthood, Jared Murillo is a ballroom dancing champion who formerly partnered with Party Of Five star Lacey Schwimmer, and Nathaniel Flatt was in Broadway’s Aladdin. Talk about one whopping smorgasbord of insane talent

And last, but certainly not the least was Jojo. The singer who was just here for the Changing Lives concert with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake is glad to be back, and with her own band to boot! Jojo revealed that she is a fan of Filipino pop sensation Charice, expressing that she loved Charice’s rendition of her original song Note To God and is open to collaborating with the Pinay singer. Jojo also gave Charice some advice about being in the spotlight, saying she should just keep it real and always try to come back home and stay with her roots. A truly down to earth gal, Jojo puts her feet down on going sexy and keeps her fashion style comfy but chic. “Dresses that you cant breath in, theyre overrated,” the singer joked.

Have all these tidbits keep you Manila Concert Scene fans gasping for more? More importantly, have you guys got your tickets for the big date? We hope so! Meeting all these great artists who have been very gracious to the press has been a dream come true for the Manila Concert Scene Crew and we’re glad we were able to share some vids, clips and kuwentos with you guys. Keep on visiting Manila Concert Scene, the number one concert-related website in the country!

More photos to come!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Allison Iraheta Invades Manila!

Written by: Kevin Pableo
Photos by: Kevin Pableo
Wednesday 5/4/10
7:06 PM

The fourth place finalist in Season 8 of American Idol, Allison Iraheta was in Manila for a special showcase to promote her debut album "Just Like You" from May 3 to 5, 2010.

Around 6 PM, the VJ's of Channel V namely Alvey, Georgina & Cliff hosted a pre show event to entertain the crowd waiting for Allison Iraheta. They hosted a mini game where in they asked questions pertaining to Channel V, Allison Iraheta & American Idol.

Around 6:30 PM, Ms. Iraheta went up to the stage and performed 5 songs to her fans. She perform a song back in her Idol days and songs from her debut album, to mentioned a few songs like "Friday I'll Be Over You" and the ballad "Scars" written by Toby God ("Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie). She also sang "No One Else" written by Pink, Kara DioGuardi and Greg Wells and off course, she sang "Cry Baby" - One of her last song performed at the American Idol Season 8 before she was eliminated at the contest. In between of her performance she tell some short stories about her experience so far in manila like how she loves our own Filipino food "Adobo" and she also told the crowd how hot here in Manila that it even ruins her make-up.

After Allison's performance, a special surprise was given to her in line with her birthday a few days ago. A couple of question was ask to her by her fans making it a mini question and answer portion.

Allison take over the whole stage at Robinsons Manila newest wing at Mid Town. She even went down the stage several times to have a closer look of her pinoy fans. Besides her performance today in Robinsons Manila, she also appeared at ABS CBN 2 noontime show "Showtime!" and several radio interview in the Metro.

Allison Iraheta Philippine tour was brought to us by Sony Music Philippines and Robinsons Malls. You can add Sony Music Philippines at facebook thru this link!/ or follow them thru twitter at

More of her concerts will be posted here and on our facebook account link -->!/manilaconcertscene?ref=profile follow us also at

Thanks to Sony Music Philippines for the invites!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kelly Clarkson All I Ever Wanted Tour Philippine Leg!

Written by: Kevin Pableo
Photos by: Kevin Pableo
Saturday 5/1/10
10:06 AM

The first season American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson was in Manila Philippine for a one night show at Araneta Coliseum. She arrived last Friday (April 30,2010) fresh from her show at Jakarta, Indonesia. Since winning the American Idol in 2002 Kelly Clarkson never been to the Philippines for a show until last May 01, 2010 for her "All I Ever Wanted Word Tour" at the Big Dome.

The show was opened by our very own Miguel Escueta a few minutes past 8 P.M.. He performed 4 songs from his album "I Am M.E.). After a few minutes around 9pm Kelly Clarkson hits the Manila stage with her full band and a DJ. Her first song was "All I Ever Wanted" followed by Miss Independent and more hits after from all her studio albums that really amaze the Filipino audience. On this concert she also covered some song from Kings of Leon "Use Somebody" to"Can't You Out Of My Head" by Kylie Minogue. She also did some cover song from The White Stripes, The Black Keys and Allanis Morissette. Ms. Clarkson also had an acoustic set that shows how great her voice and range is. This proves and shows why she is the orginal Americn Idol winner. This acoustic set features songs like "Gone" "Addicted" "Low" and Just Missed The Train".

Kelly Clarkson interacts well with crowd last night. She even thanks a fan for a cake that she send for her bday that is a few days before coming to Manila. She told the audience how the cake she got reminds her of her hometown city Texas, USA.

She ended the show with an encore of songs of "Already Gone", Seven Army Nation" and "My Life Would Suck Without You" and on this last song Vernon Go propose a wedding to her girlfriend Happee Sy with a short presentation at big screens at the side of the stage that cuts live screening of the concert on the side. Kelly Clarkson even asked Happee Sy if she answer "Yes" to the proposal.

Ms. Clarkson will be heading to Seoul, Korea after her show here in Manila to continue her world tour. It was a great night all in all and we bet that all the people who watch the concert of Kelly Clarkson will still have a hangover and a (LSS) last song syndrom from the show.

P.S. Many of people thought that this concert is over priced but take a look of the other side of it was all worth it, every single pesos that fans paid. Its not everynight you get a Kelly Clarkson perform infront of you.

We will post some photos here soon from the concert. Also you can send some photos you took from the concert and we will choose some of the best pictures and be featured on our site.

See you all at Allison Iraheta show on Tuesday (May 4, 2010) at Robinsons Manila

Kelly Clarkson LIVE in Manila setlist:
1) All I Ever Wanted
2) Miss Independent
3) I Do Not Hook Up
4) Impossible
5) That I Would Be Good(Alanis Morisette song)/ Use Somebody(Kings of Leon song)
6) Breakaway
7) If I Can't Have You/ Can't Get Out of My Head(Kylie Minogue song)
8)Never Again
9) Lies(The Black Keys song)
10) Medley(Acoustic Set):
-Just Missed The Train
11)Behind These Hazel Eyes(acoustic)
12) Cry
13)I Want You
14)Don't Let Me Stop You
15) Because of You
16)Walk Away
17)Since U Been Gone
19)Already Gone
20)Seven Nation Army(The White Stripes cover)
21)My Life Would Suck Without You